Our History

Our family vineyard was founded by my father, Tamás Nyolcas. Dad was born in Verpelét; a true local man of the Eger region. He bought his first vines in the early 1980’s on the slopes of Pajdos and Marinka. Initially, my father only focused on growing the vines but he quickly became interested in the grapes the vines produced and later in producing his own wine. He spent 12 years working the land, expanding his vineyards, nurturing his grapes, and eventually procuring a small wine cellar in Ostoros. In 1992 life events forced him to move and leave his vineyards. My father had to sell almost all of his land, and was only able to keep 2 small plots and the cellar in Ostoros. He never forgot his grapes. For the next decade he visited the lands on the slopes of Pajdos and Marinka. He spent time at the wine cellar in Ostoros.

In 2000 Dad was able to reacquire the lands that he was previously forced to sell. For the first time in my life he brought me to the vineyards to show me his grapes, his cellar, and his lands. My passion for wine-making was born. In 2001 we bought a new plot of land on the slope of Síkhegy. We also bought some older plots in Leányka which were in desperate need of tending. We planted a Merlot clone imported from France in Síkhegy, and we spent a decade renewing the lands in Leányka. In 2009, we hit a milestone: after 8 years of tending to our French clone in Síkhegy we harvested a Merlot of exceptional quality. Three years later, in 2012, we decided that our wines were ready to be shared with all the wine lovers of the world. Our family vineyard was born.

Our Grapes

From the planting to the pruning, the pressing to the winemaking, every aspect of our wine and grapes is handled by our family. We are incredibly proud that, in 2012, my father won the Wine-Grower Of-The-Year award at the Wine Community of Eger Festival. This award symbolizes my father’s love of his grapes, my family’s faith in our lands, and our commitment to producing great wine.

Síkhegy cru (305 meters, Grand Superior)
Territory: 0.8 acres Leányka (1963), 0.4 acres Merlot (2001)
Number of vines: 5200 stem/acre. The cultivation method is cane and Guyot- pruning.

Pajados cru (254 meters, Grand Superior)
Territory: 0.7 acres Kékfrankos(1981).
Number of vines: 4000 stem/acre. The cultivation method is middle height hedge and gobelet pruning.

Marinka cru (234 meters, Superior)
Territory: 0.2 acres Muscat (1983)
Number of vines: 4000 stem/acre. The cultivation method is middle height hedge and Guyot- pruning.

Gesztenyés cru (238 meters, Superior)
Territory: 1.3 acres Kékfrankos (1969)
Number of vines: 3300 stem/acre. The cultivation method is middle height hedge and Guyot-pluning.

Rózsahegy cru
(200 meters, Superior)
Territory: 1.2 acres Portugieser and Cabernet Sauvignon (2000), 0.7 acres Turán (2017), 0.5 acres Merlot (2017), 1.2 acres Cabernet Franc (2017).
Number of vines: 3500 stem/acre. The cultivation method is umbrella pruning and middle height Guyot-pruning.

Cserje cru
(227 meters, Superior)
Territory: 1.0 acres Merlot (2003), 1.0 Cabernet Franc (2003), 0.5 acres Olaszrizling (2003), 0.5 acres Tramini (2003).
Number of vines: 4200 stem/acre. The cultivation method is middle height umbrella pruning.

Birtok Rizling 2016

A really light, tight, fresh Italian Riesling. Clean, straight variety marks appear in its scent, no trace of barrels. The sip is refreshing, fruity, crunchy. The wine is medium bodied with sophisticated alcohol. It is perfect with pumpkin and fish dishes.

Alcohol content: 12.0 %, Acid content 6.1 g/oz

Muscat Ottonel 2015

Made from grapes grown in Marinka dűlő (vineyard) from 1983. Extremely aromatic. Grape fragrance and creamy flavor in characteristics. In spite of the sweet-smelling scent it is dry and at the end a rosy appearance can be felt. Perfect choice for oriental seasoned meals and foods containing anise, coriander, and pumpkin.
Alcohol content: 13,0 % Acid content: 4,9 g/l

Leányka 2016

Oily green tea, and lemon-pear features. The variety marks also come out when tasting, with a slight bitterness in the end. We recommend it with creams, fish, and foods containing butter, biscuit, and orange.
Alcohol content: 13,5 % Acid content: 4,8 g/l

Rajnai Rizling 2017

Tight, salty, mineral. Clear scent, straight variety marks can be recognised. Taste is refreshing, fruity, crunchy. The wine is medium-bodied and is sofisticated in alcohol. Perfect choice for light summer meals and salads.
Alcohol content: 13 % Acid content: 7,2 g/l

Portugieser 2017

Blood orange and plum marks in characteristics. No wooden barrels used. We recommend opening it at any time of the day with meals or just for tasting.
Alcohol content: 11,5% Acid content: 4/6 g/l

Narancsbor 2017

Contains tramini (70%) and királyleányka (30%). Color is orange due to the héjon erjesztés. Scent is sweet, recalls the tramini traits. Soft tannic acidity in taste, medium- bodied. Rather sofisticated than robust. Unique, special experience!

Kékfrankos 2014

Less intense purple-red color. You can feel the scent of cherry and sour cherry. When tasted its sense is dry, lively acids with firm tannin structure, fleshy body, rich mineral, salty, and fruity flavor. It can be parred with many kinds of foods. Elegant.
Alcohol content: 12,5 %, Acid content 5,2 g/oz

Szülőföldem 2014

Our aim was to make one of the most determining red wines from the most beautiful barrels of the cellar. A worthy sequence of its kind. The color is ruby red, the wine is unfiltered, raw. Its scent is rich in salt, white pepper, and spices. It is a complex wine. Berry and creamy, ripe wooden barrel traits can be felt when tasting.
Alcohol content: 14.0 %, Acid content: 5.7 g/oz

Merlot 2015

Deep ruby ted color with berry fruits, creamy ripe wooden barrel traits and spicy scent. The wine is unfiltered and raw. Recommended with heavy meat dishes (calf, beef).
Alcohol content: 13.5 %, Acid content: 5.7 g/oz

Bikavér 2015

An elegant wine born from Kékfrankos, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Turan with exciting flavors and nice fruitiness. Slightly “dusty” unfiltered and raw. Full body with great proportions.
Alcohol content: 13%, Acid content: 5.1 g/oz

Turán 2016

Turan is a Hungarian grape variety bred in Gyöngyös as a crossing between a number of grape varieries in the 1960s. Deep purple color. Elegant, not too ostentatious violet, elderberry, rose, pepper, oriental herbs. Rich silky tannin, round acidity, gently warming alcohol. Full, long after-taste. Desires sip after sip. We recommand it with game meat and lamb.
Alcohol content: 13%, Acid content: 5/6 g/l

Cabernet Franc 2015

Spontaneously fermented, unfiltered wine made from grapes harvested from Nagyaszó vineyard. The typical white pepper scent is followed by a fruity, fleshy and thick taste with a flavor of vanilla, thanks to the oak barrel aging. Recommended for vegetable meals, sauces containing vinegar, and fresh green herbs (rosemary, sage, thyme).
Alcohol content: 13.5 %, Acid content: 5.7 g/oz

Mámor (Merlot 2012)

High quality, rare semi-sweet red wine presenting the affection of the vintage. The color is ruby with blueberry, blackberry and flowers appearing in its scent. When tasting its sense is semi-sweet with round acids, fleshy, round bodied, fiery alcohol, and fruit liqueur flavors. Such special wine creation is given once in 10-20 years in Eger. It is perfect for desserts, cigars but also just by its self. The wine has a natural sugar content of 23 g/oz
Alcohol content: 16,0 %, Acid content: 7,2 g/l


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Zwack Unicum Nyrt.
Budapest, Soroksári út 26.

Ab Ovo Borkereskedés
Budapest, Budafoki út 187-189, 1117


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Felsőtárkány, Bükkerdő sétány 2-4., 3324

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